Dear customers, thanks for your purchase of INTERNATIONAL digital products.

  INTERNATIONAL holds the concept of human oriented service, providing complete and highly efficient after-sales service to make customers purchase our products with ease and use our products safe.We sincerely welcome you to attend all types of customer survey, experiencing the care and service of INTERNATIONAL together.

  To thoroughly enjoy the services provided, please pay attention to the following when you purchase INTERNATIONAL products:

  ①Please observe product outlook, work and the anti-counterfeiting enquiry provided, to avoid buying false products.

  ②The batteries and chargers we provided are in seal packages. Please check the packaging integrity when purchasing.

  ③Please ask dealer for receipt (invoice or purchase receipt) when buying INTERNATIONAL products. These receipts will be required when we perform warranty servicing on the products.

  ④Please observe strictly instructions when using INTERNATIONAL chargers and batteries, to avoid unnecessary damage due to wrong usage and affecting the use of products and warranty servicing.

  ⑤Keep your batteries well in cool and ambient environment, and avoid direct sunlight on the products.

  ⑥When warranty servicing is performed, please provide our engineers with the trouble product, warranty card (on the bottom side of product package rear) and purchase receipt.

  ⑦We provide you with 18 months warranty servicing around china. For details, refer to the after-sale procedure.

  ⑧For FAQ and daily maintenance, refer to FAQ section.

  ⑨For the local site of warranty servicing, refer to sites of warranty servicing.

  ⑩If you have any other doubt, dial our free hotline 800-830-6398 or email to us by In addition, you can give your opinions on our after-sales BBS and we will respond as soon as possible.

  Thanks for your purchase.


  • When battery is used for first time, use up the remnant electricity and then charge the battery; otherwise, the battery may be charged no longer.
  • If the batter is out of service for a quite long time, charge and discharge battery once every two months to prevent the low voltage lock.
  • Try to use original battery charger and direct charger or the supporting charger of INTERNATIONAL, making the battery charged completely.
  • Use manual picture finding instead of LCD to save about 30% power of battery.
  • Take out battery after use of camera or digital camera, avoiding long time storage of battery in device.
  • Put battery in normal temperature, avoiding high temperature and sunshine; otherwise the service life of battery will be shortened.