Instructions on INTERNATIONAL Ni-MH battery

  • Instructions on charge
    • Firstly load rechargeable battery in INTERNATIONAL charger.
    • Open the foldable plug of charger and connect it to power.
    • Rechargeable battery may apply to digital camera, MP3, CD, MP4, walkman, electric toy and electric shaver.
    • In charging, the corresponding indicator turns red and shines. When rated voltage is reached, the indicator turns into green and there is no over charge.
  • Notes
    • 1.Charger only applies to AA/AAA Ni-MH or Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries.
    • 2.Do not charging general alkaline battery and normal carbon zinc battery, otherwise leakage or explosion may occur.
    • 3.Mixing charge of batteries in different types shall be forbidden.
    • 4.Do not make rechargeable battery and charger wet or throw it in fire.
    • 5.In charging, it is normal that the rechargeable battery and charger gives out slight hotness. Covering charger, which may cause fire, is forbidden.
    • 6.The charger is only applied indoors. Do not expose it where it is wet, rainy, snowy or of other severe conditions.
    • 7.Load AA/AAA battery properly in the slot of charger with right polarity.